Friday, February 20, 2009

High Pressure Pow

Well, the high and dry has set in up north in British Columbia, which means it has been dumping down south. I don't mind so much, because it means its time to get back into the alpine and ski the BIG lines in more stable snow. When things set up right, you can really tuck your way up into the mountains inhospitable nooks and crannies, and do some amazing skiing.

Here is a video from last week of me and a bunch of skiers from the Reno area...enjoy!

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1 comment:

Jeremy Allyn said...

Righteous! Glad you guys aren't suffering too much up there... I just gave a talk at Feathered Friends and projected a sweet shot of the "Flusher" ie: a stereotypical inefficient runout!

Still think my track across Shannon Lake is the straightest EVER!

Bennie is getting after it! Have fun!