Friday, December 25, 2009

Holidaze at VMT

Lately we have been settling into life at the lodge for the winter, with the first groups at the lodge. Here are a bunch of photos from the last little bit, I will be making a video at some point here, so stay tuned.

Conditions are great, 135cm HS at the lodge, which is 40cm higher than this day last year. Lots of sun and high pressure right now, so some summits, and skiing in the low angle mid winter sun!

Coastal kids come to play at VMT...woo hoo!

Jas skis across Rugged

Lodge life: Salad, beer, thermos, radio, drill, chips, salsa, etc..

X-mas eve on top of Rugged Peak with Jas!

Skiing thru the burn

Benny getting his behind Jas

The nice

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let the ski season begin!

Feeling cold? check
Legs burning? check
Lungs aching? check
Big smile on Benny's face (and mine!)? check
Up in the wilds of British Columbia with no one around for miles? check

It must be the start of ski season at Valhalla Mountain Touring. Jasmin and I came up and opened the lodge the other day, and now we are trying to transfer our strong climbing arms to our weak skiing legs! Oh, how the transition hurts!

Right now the snow is about 120-140cm deep with all the alder and brush covering up really nicely right now. but don't take my word for's some footage from today's quick get in shape tour. 3,000' vertical never hurt so bad/good.