Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Skiing Pow in the Sun

Just a quick post with some great photos from today.

We picked up another 25-35cm of snow on Monday and Tuesday with a cold front blasting through last night. In its wake we had partly cloudy skies, and cool temps keeping the snow light and fast on the sunny aspects. Nothing like skiing powder in the sun in March!

Paige skinning up Sunny Sapphire

You know who, getting the goods!


Jeremy Allyn said...

OH YA! Sun and cold snow! Keep up the great work Evan. Yes, your friends do look at your blog - esp those who can't quite ski yet! Still seems like I cut the straightest track across Shannon lake in the past few years.

Evan Stevens said...

I dunno Jer, my buddy Jonny did a pretty darn straight one the other might have to come back for some competition!